Author & Writing Coach

Working with Leannah changed everything for me. EVERYTHING. I am a creative person and always had endless ideas, goals and one-day-far-off-in-the-future hopes, but no clue how much I was holding myself back. Leannah got me to see the incredible possibility that lay right in front of my nose, and to go for it. Less than week after our first session together, I had launched my business and had 5 clients - something I would have thought would take months or more to accomplish. Now, I rely on her to help me push forward, clarify my intentions, see how I'm sabotaging myself, and bring my true purpose to the top of the pile and make it happen!

I cannot imagine my life without her. Her balance of insight, humor, push and intuition are second to none. No exaggeration: working with Leannah is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I would recommend her, without fail, to anyone looking to make that move towards self-fulfillment, empowerment and a life they are absolutely in love with.