Social Solutions Consultant

Each session with Leannah is an exhilarating adventure. I am continuously learning and making forward progress, which is such an empowering feeling. She has helped me to find joy in the process of self-discovery and personal growth. I have conquered fear and avoidance, and now face challenges and uncertainty with confidence in myself and my ability to achieve the life I dream of. Leannah’s coaching style is both all-encompassing and laser-focused. Family, love, friendships, career, spirituality, security, self-worth and image – we’ve tackled it all. Leannah enables me to find balance and fulfillment in each of these areas of my life. She also helps me recognize that they are connected through my personal doctrines on life, identify and purpose and the stories that I tell myself. I have learned to tell new stories that benefit me in one area, and they have carried over into other areas too. Leannah keeps me focused on my personal goals. She helps me identify my most pressing needs – the one or two things that need the most attention right now. She grounds me in who I want to be and what I really care about. I especially love that she ends each session by creating a very real action plan that moves me in the direction I want to go. We agree on specific actions I can take to achieve my goals. This process makes overwhelming issues seem digestible and big dreams tangible.