Founder, Arali Beauty

I was at a point in my life where I was tired of not taking action and not being fulfilled. I didn't want to hide or run away from myself and make the same mistakes I was making. I knew I needed help and with Leannah having corporate background and life coaching experience made me gravitate towards her. I wanted a person who would give me tough love and make me take actions towards my dream goals.

Leannah asked questions that were hard for me to answer because I really had to dig deep within myself to answer them honestly. With tears running down my face, Leannah was able to pull wonderful aspects of me that I had hidden up to the surface.  I felt liberated.

Since working with Leannah, I've never been so busy and full of life. I stepped out of my comfort zone and have started my own business and now have a healthy relationship with my first boyfriend. I shocked myself, because I thought having both of these in my life were impossible and were to never happen to me. The thought of building a business and opening up my heart to love was daunting, but I knew that's I wanted. Through our coaching sessions three times a month, Leannah was able to keep me focused and gave me homework to take those steps into realizing my dreams. I'm so grateful to start Arali Beauty and to work towards something that is all mine. I'm also grateful to have manifested what I wanted in a man, in which I finally told the universe that I was ready for. When I opened my heart, he came rushing towards me.

Everybody has a close family or friend that they can confide in and to talk about issues, but for me having a life coach was essential. Leannah is my life coach but has become a friend in which I share all of my fears and dreams with confidence. Leannah does not judge me and just listens to me. She understands me, even without us being in the same room. I truly believe that Leannah has a gift of seeing the person for who they are and where they should be for a fulfilling life. Leannah is able to connect with me on such a personal level with her open-heart and compassion.

I whole-heartily recommend Leannah to help guide you. In this short time, I've accomplished more than I've ever imagined, and next year will be more awesome. Take the opportunity to give yourself the chance to heal past wounds and to grow as a person through life coaching. You won't regret the amazing adventure that awaits you when you open yourself up to you.