Program Manager & Yoga Teacher

Coaching sessions with Leannah were really a time for me to speak honestly and be heard; not only by another person, but most importantly by ME. Value is rooted in relevance and application; which is what I left every session with: insightful observations, relevant discussion, and actionable next steps. Every conversation was entered into with mindful consideration for how I internalize information and proffered impactful suggestions from different perspectives through which I would unearth optimal growth. Leannah understood me - that was key. Our dialogue was so organic; it enabled me to confront my perceived shortcomings and mistakes with empowerment and optimism. Leannah is an abundance of light and love - executed in perfect balance with the kind of catalyzing energy that encourages you to take a hard, honest look at yourself and OWN it - so that you can take honest steps forward. Intellectually, I’m well versed in the language of “me” - I don’t shy away from behavioral analysis and discussions flow with ease. For me, it wasn’t novelty of insight that brought the most value, it was connection with the heart. Leannah helped me tap into the source of my GREATEST power - which is my heart. Wielding your greatest power can be so daunting; allowing your heart to inform your decisions can be risky. I had a thought partner, a soul sounding board, and a coach. With that kind of support, I transitioned through some major life shifts with ease and grace. If you think you know it all - I would highly suggest Leannah for you. What you receive is beyond knowing, beyond what you can acquire through education - it’s an experience of yourself in the most raw and supportive environment and THIS is the place from which your truest greatness is born.