Music Producer & Sound Engineer

Compassion, insight, genuine kindness. Three of the most important elements you seek when opening up to someone in confidence, and three qualities Leannah holds in spades.  From helping me focus on what’s most important in life, to developing the steps in getting there, honing my true passion and developing the bravery to pursue it, she has shown time and time again how all you need to succeed is a good coach to help forge your path.

Before meeting Leannah, for years I was working harder and not smarter, 6-7 days a week juggling several jobs I hoped would lead to my “dream job” of becoming a music producer and live sound engineer.  Shortly after Leannah entered, it became clear that simply working my hardest wasn’t going to elevate my career to the level I was seeking.  As Leannah has the gift of listening on the level of the speaker, and being very present in the moment, she’s able to offer guidance into discovering the answer for yourself rather than simply saying it.  At the end of the day, it all needs to come from within, to really focus the energy into something truly transformative.  Without her I may have never seized the golden opportunity that did, and continues to lead me on the journey of a lifetime.

I’m incredibly grateful to have the depth of Leannah's perception as a positive and additive element to my career and life.  With her help I’ve become the sound engineer for my favorite band and toured the world, applying all the techniques and allies made along the way to my own music productions, creating and releasing more music than ever.  If you’ve been waiting to make the move you’ve been dreaming your entire life, you’re in luck.